I edited this music for Suburban Living and it was released today through Nylon magazine here: http://www.nylonguysmag.com/suburban-living-video-love-2

It’s concept involved shooting with a multitude of standard and high definition cameras which goes in hand with the title of the track, Video Love.

Behind the scenes, the short was directed by Richard Perkins with additional help by Robbie Graves and Alexi Zuhrehn. Special thanks goes out to Alchemy NFK and Tabitha Lopez for allowing use of their locations in the production.

You know how you’re on a website with a text field and you press backspace thinking you’re deleting text you typed in that field and instead of deleting what you typed you end up going back to the last 5 or so pages you visited and when you go forward the text you had typed is gone?

I don’t like that.